Access the hottest tech jobs in your city on UpTech.

UpTech is a platform that connects you to quality jobs currently available in the market on your terms. We put an end to your job search woes by providing access to the most relevant opportunities in your city.

Find your next job – without your current boss knowing.

UpTech is a better way to find your next job. We’ll create your profile and let the rest of the world stay unsighted: Recruiters, including your current employer, cannot browse your profile or send unsolicited messages. It’s private. Your information is only shared with companies when you see a job you like and decide to start a conversation.

Find a job that you love, not just a job.

On UpTech, you’ll be able to see all the key details of a job before going through the interview process. We provide you with salary, relocation expectations, remote options, and interview process details – all upfront. You can even ask a career advisor about the role or company before you start the interview process.

The UpTech Community. Communities built by makers, for makers.

UpTech is a community of industry professionals that brings together talented software and hardware developers, founders, product managers, data scientists, marketers, and many others. If you are tired of wasting time job-hunting or dealing with HR people who don’t understand what you do, and if you have the skills to build high-quality software or hardware products – then UpTech is your home.

Quest positions passively

It’s like having a headhunter search for you… passively, from the comfort of your own inbox. No more time-consuming applications, no more interviews with people who don’t care about you, no more bad fits

You’re not alone in an interview…

We will act as your advocate throughout the hiring process. We connect you with companies that perform outreach for candidates like you. It’s how we match you with companies that are a better fit.

Learn and grow

We are an exclusive network of tech professionals that give you feedback on your interviews using UpTech and help you to improve by sharing their insights and experience.

Get paid right

UpTech has the salary data for millions of job offers, and we know how much people in your position typically get paid. Our team can negotiate with recruiters to help you earn a higher starting salary.

More just interviews

UpTech helps developers through humane, non-biased, and non-time-consuming interviews. The interview process is designed to be as transparent and humane as possible.

 …And it’s all free

UpTech is a job platform helping candidates find their dream jobs. We provide our clients with a free platform for finding quality work and getting hired fast.

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