Hire Senior Developers without the Frustrations of Time-Zone Differences

UpTech Nearshore is a talent-first outsourcing firm. We leverage our extensive experience to source, screen, and manage the most qualified software development resources. As an UpTech client, you have access to a network of developers from South East Asia.

How Do We Make Your Hiring Easier?


We Find the Best Candidates as Your Requirement


We Provide Pre-interviewed Short-list for Your Final Assessment


Keeping Everything & Everyone in the Loop


Specialists are Hired in Time

Scrutinized tech talent.

Our process involves an extensive screening process, including a technical evaluation, communication skills assessment, and personality fit testing

When you need the Best, Choose UpTech

UpTech Nearshore offers exceptional software development capabilities and quality at a lower cost than our sister project, the UpTech Contractor Network.

Don’t miss the opportunity

Whether you are looking for a part-time resource or an experienced long-term hire, we can help you get started fast!

Real-time convenience

UpTech allows you to reach developers and designers available to work at a time convenient to you. You can collaborate in real-time regardless of their location or time zone.

No stress contract cancelling

Top-quality remote development and digital solutions to businesses worldwide with the advantage of ending the contract anytime you want.

Our Exclusive Team

UpTech’s mission is to enable companies in the US and Europe to hire exceptional contract developers, data scientists, product managers, and designers. We do this by providing a platform that matches top candidates with top clients who are committed to creating great products & services.

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